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In June of 2010, the NY State Legislature expanded the Loft Law, expansively increasing coverage into North Brooklyn. It is time for us to organize and unite in support of loft tenant’s rights. NAG wants to help you get involved, get informed, know your rights, and help organize your building.

May presentation will be about how to testify at Loft Board hearings. (We have 12 rules & at least 3 hearings upcoming). June presentation will be on how to get repairs through Housing Court.

NAG has been a big proponent of industrial retention and affordable housing. It is our goal to protect the little guy, both small manufacturing and loft tenants. We have advocated continuously for mixed use districting in our neighborhood, supporting standards that allow manufacturing and creative residences to share space safely and effectively. Our neighborhood has the immense pressure of luxury housing constantly looming and we feel that the Loft Law expansion can help alleviate displacement of residents from the Greenpoint & Williamsburg community.

What is a “loft” building? Not to be confused with new luxury loft-style housing peppering the neighborhood, Williamsburg/Greenpoint is filled with numerous buildings that have been used for manufacturing, warehousing, and/or commercial purposes in the past. When artists started moving to this part of Brooklyn more than thirty years ago, a lot of these building were no longer in use and artists began to occupy them as live/work spaces. Over the years, countless residents have moved into lofts in many different types of buildings, some of which still had some kind of manufacturing, warehousing, or commercial use going on in them, while others had been converted solely to residential use. The big problem is that most of these buildings are not zoned for residential occupancy, technically making residential use illegal. In recognition of the fact that so many residents of North Brooklyn & NYC are living safely and happily in lofts that they legally shouldn’t be, the New York State Assemblyman Vito Lopez continually lobbied for and finally passed an expansion of the Loft Law in 2010. This means that loft residents living in Williamsburg & Greenpoint now have a mechanism whereby their building can gain legal residential status and all of the protections that come with it (rent stabilization; the right to basic services; the ability to go to landlord tenant court in the event of a dispute with your landlord, etc).

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