Montgomery County Personal Injury Lawyers


The Montgomery County personal injury lawyers and staff at Warren & McGraw, LLC dedicate themselves to protecting your future when you need protection the most. Located in the Delaware Valley, the attorneys at Warren & McGraw have over 50 years of combined experience protecting the futures of injured and disabled clients throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Berks, Northampton & Lancaster counties.

Injuries, accidents, chronic illnesses, and disabilities can seriously disrupt your life and put your future, and your family’s future, in harm’s way. Injury or illness can cause loss of earnings, unemployment, and the need to permanently change a job or career. Injury or disability can interfere with your ability to pursue your hobbies and passions. Injury and disability can cause damage to your personal relationships.

We consider all kinds of compensation or benefits that can protect your future. We thoroughly analyze your case to make sure that you are claiming all of the damages and benefits that you are entitled to claim. Our Montgomery County personal injury attorneys aggressively pursue your entitlement to all damages, compensation and benefits that you should receive. To learn about the types of compensation, benefits & damages we consider on your behalf, click here.

At Warren & McGraw, we look at your claim in many different ways because our lawyers have broad experience with diverse types of injury, disability and compensation claims. Because recovery of one type of benefit can affect the recovery of other benefits, we create a plan of when and how to pursue your different claims so that your total recovery is maximized.

Our Montgomery County personal injury lawyers carefully consider all your rights to recovery. We work with each other and with our clients in a team atmosphere. We don’t try to make your case fit a “one size fits all” mold. We listen to you and learn the particular circumstances of your case. We educate you about your choices, so you decide what plan is best for you.

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