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Register New NFA Firearms or Update an Existing Gun Trust

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Thousands of clients from across America have chosen Arsenal Attorneys™ because of our cutting edge Arsenal Gun Trust™. Since the beginning, our law firm has offered unique solutions to protect our clients' security and privacy. In 2016 we launched a new version of the Arsenal Gun Trust™ to help our clients comply with ATF's new rules for NFA firearms, known as '41F'. These rules are not retroactive, so NFA firearms already registered will remain valid. To register new NFA firearms starting July 13, 2016, any so-called 'responsible person' in a trust will need to complete the new ATF Form 5320.23 ('Form 23'). Interestingly, Form 23 only applies to the moment an NFA application is made. It would not apply to a 'responsible person' removed from your trust before an application, nor would it apply to a 'responsible person' added to a trust after an NFA application is made. Therefore the new Arsenal Gun Trust™ provides you a user-friendly method to add/remove people yourself. Additionally, our nationwide law practice can help you determine the longest possible duration for your trust to allow your succesors and beneficiaries to keep your original trust and tax stamps without the need to re-register your NFA firearms. Additionally, we have added guidance in our trust documents and user guide to help you and your successors understand how to stay safe and legal. Whether you are new to NFA firearms, or you already have an Arsenal Gun Trust™, or if you have a trust from elsehwere, you can enjoy the benefits of our new Arsenal Gun Trust™ as well as a direct attorney-client relationship with Arsenal Attorneys™.

Do you already have a gun trust?

If you already have a gun trust from our law firm or from elsewhere, we could make a 'restatement' of your trust. A restatement would be a complete revision of your trust using our new Arsenal Gun Trust™ design. As part of the restatement you could make various updates, including an address change or a change to the people in the trust. The restatement of your trust would still be your same trust, so existing tax stamps for NFA firearms would remain valid.

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