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In some instances, divorcing parties can resolve their differences in opinion amicably. In other situations, conflicts become prolonged, unhealthy, ultimately indefensible and divorce is unavoidable.

In the state of Ohio, divorce is categorized into several different areas. Such classes include:

  • Fault-based divorce, in which one party files for divorce and alleges fault on the part of the other based on certain grounds
  • Uncontested, where both parties allege no-fault and are able to finalize a harmonious agreement without direction from the court, or a situation where fault exists but one party fails to agree or respond to the petition
  • Contested divorce, in which both parties come to an impasse regarding certain issues pertaining to the marriage and the matters are presented to and ultimately determined by a judge

Divorce Involving Military Personnel

Which class and applicable rules that will apply to you will depend on your unique situation.

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If you are facing a divorce or considering filing, hiring the right lawyer knowledgeable in this area of law is vital. At Hartley Law Office, LLC, our leading attorney, Aaron Hartley, has assisted many people located throughout Dayton and Montgomery County file for divorce. He also possesses unique experience representing divorces involving business owners.

Schedule an appointment with our office to discuss the options in greater detail. Call 937-312-9130 or send us an email.

We also assist with other family law matters involving custody and rights pertaining to fathers and grandparents.

"Aaron represented me in my divorce case, and from the start I knew he had my best interests at heart. He worked hard to make sure that my divorce and settlement were fair, and was professional during the entire process. He also related to me on a personal level, which made me feel that I wasn't just 'another client'; he was available to talk to me personally any time I needed him or had any questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a divorce attorney." — Beverly

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