Best Criminal Lawyer in Suffolk

Need A Top Criminal Defense Attorney On Suffolk County Long Island?

I’m somebody who specializes in criminal defense. I’m going to represent you from the beginning of the case until the end of the case. I was a prosecutor in Suffolk County for three years and since 1995, I’ve been a . This is what I know how to do and this is what I do best.

An individual can be charged with a crime simply based on an accusation from a detective, police officer or even a civilian. Whether it’s an ex friend, whether it’s an ex business partner, a former spouse, whatever the case may be, that’s when they are going to need someone to aggressively represent them in a court of law who is going to defend them, defend their interests, negotiate with the prosecutor, negotiate with the court, and that’s what I’m known for.

What makes my practice different from these huge law firms or factories where you would meet with one attorney and then be shuffled off to another attorney or maybe a third attorney whose is right out of law school, when you hire Michael Brown, you get Michael Brown. I’ll represent you from the beginning until the conclusion of the case. You’ll come in. I’ll meet with you in my office. We’ll develop a strategy once we talk about your case and I will see your case through till the end.

I realize that each case is so important to the client. One day I may be representing a person charged with murder, another day I may be representing a 45 year old mother of three who is charged with DWI. Then I may represent a surgeon who could be 60 years old who is charged with a domestic incident. To that person, to that client, I realize how important that case is to them, and I give that client the individualized, personalized attention knowing that it is so important to that client. And I will represent them aggressively and zealously to get the best outcome.

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