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If we take your case, then we are confident that we will win it. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid anything unless we get you money.What you don't know about your legal and medical rights can significantly hurt and prejudice your claim for compensation. Colorado personal injury lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm have successfully handled Colorado personal injury claims for well over 35 years. We have the expertise and associations, including long term relationships with the appropriate physicians and other types of experts necessary to develop a claim, and to make certain that the proper evidence or expert's opinions are documented so that you receive maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

An experienced Colorado personal injury lawyer can make the difference.
When you are hurt by the carelessness of another, the decisions can be overwhelming. We may be able to help you. We fight insurance companies on a daily basis to maximize our client's recovery.

Harm or injury caused to a person can be described as personal injury. Common personal injury cases involve car accidents, permanent injuries, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, falls on another's property from dangerous conditions. If you have been injured as a result of an accident, attack, or negligence of another you can file a lawsuit in Colorado and receive an insurance settlement.

The Mintz Law Firm, LLC Colorado personal injury lawyers have had excellent results both in settlements and in trial, and the insurance companies are well aware of those results.It takes years to build up a reputation as a premier Colorado personal injury law firm with the insurance companies. We have successfully done that over the past thirty years. Our results speak for themselves. When you know what the insurance companies are looking for when they evaluate the claim you are obviously in a better position to document the things they need in order to provide authority to their adjusters to resolve the claim for the amount of compensation that it is truly worth.

Instead of months going by without any progress on the medical treatment we can make suggestions and refer injured clients to board certified doctors and making sure the diagnostic testing that will give objective proof of injuries is ordered in an early stage of the treatment. By getting results of diagnostic testing such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or nerve conduction velocity tests the client and our office are able to make an informed decision on how much the claim is worth and when to attempt to resolve it. We believe it is better to know what the full extent of your injuries are prior to any settlement.

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