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The Best Cities to Start a Small Business In

“Location, location, location” is a familiar real estate mantra and for good reason. It’s why a 2, 500 square foot home in Waco, TX costs $250, 000 and that same home in Orange County costs $1.5 million. There are many factors to consider when choosing residential real estate, but what should you think about when looking for the perfect spot for your small business?

Kiplinger, a company that focuses on personal finance advice and business forecasting, recently published a list of the ten best cities for entrepreneurs to base their startups in. With attributes such as a strong community of established small businesses, low cost of living, well-educated workforce, and low unemployment rates, these indicators were evaluated to measure a healthy local economy. There were, however, two major cities, known for their startup communities, that were noticeably omitted from the list: New York and San Francisco. “Not only are they among the most expensive U.S. cities to live in, but California and New York state offer two of the three worst business tax climates in the country.”

So here is the list of the top ten cities for entrepreneurs to establish a business in and why Kiplinger picked each of these cities:

10) Columbus, OH – “Business-minded Buckeyes do well in Ohio’s capital. Many Fortune 500 companies, including American Electric Power and Nationwide Mutual Insurance, are based in Columbus. But don’t let the big guys intimidate you: The city is home to 19, 341 companies with just one to four employees, compared with an average of just 9, 611 small businesses for all metro areas in the U.S.”

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