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Arizona is a busy, popular state with a constantly growing population. It seems new cities are appearing and others are increasing in size every time you turn around. Whether you are watching the news or just traveling through your home town, it is easy to see why Arizona has so much appeal to so many. But though Arizona might seem like a paradise at times with a rich culture and economy, accidents still occur. Whether they take the form of a fall on someone’s property, a car crash, or a mistake by a doctor, these accidents affect the lives of those in Arizona every day.

A large number of these incidents are minor and fortunately result in no injuries to those involved, allowing life to return to normal and the event be nearly forgotten. However there are others that are much more serious, resulting in injuries or even death. In these cases, the losses experienced may be medical, financial, or even the companionship of another person. In times like these, you may wish to seek help from a trusted ally.

The Arizona personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers at Abels & Annes work hard to help injured people recover from injuries sustained in car crashes, bike accidents, pedestrian accidents, and nursing home abuse cases in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Our law firm also handles motorcycle and trucking accidents, construction injuries, and medical negligence . Regardless of the accident or how it occurred, we only represent the injured person and never the insurance company so you will know that we will always be on your side.

At Abels & Annes, P.C. we concentrate in fighting for accident victims and helping them recover from their injuries. We use personalized service and combine it with tough and experienced representation which is so important in prosecuting your accident claim.

We work for a contingency fee, or sometimes you hear the phrase "no fee unless you win". We do not charge you money up front to hire us, and we do not bill you by the hour. We only take our attorney's fee if we obtain a financial recovery for you, which means that we bear risks associated with your case. We advance all costs associated with the case, and said costs are only repaid if a settlement, verdict, arbitration award and/or mediation award is reached on your behalf. Attorney fees are computed before deductions for costs.

Our Arizona personal injury lawyers are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to explain your options after an injury accident. If you are hospitalized or too injured to leave your home, in many circumstances we will arrange for a lawyer to travel to you for a free consultation.

Getting injured in an accident can be a life-changing event. Through no fault of your own, your problem-free health and well being can be taken from you in an instant. You may end up with large medical costs, lost wages and painful injuries that can be with you the rest of your life.

After a bad accident, victims can fell upset, lost and confused by the process. Insurance carriers, businesses, employers, nursing facilities and hospitals have experienced claim representatives and attorneys defending them. Our law firm concentrates on fighting for you and your rights, and diligently working with you during this hard time in your life. We see it as our duty to fight on your behalf and to explain your case and your rights to you. From your initial phone call through the settlement of your case, you will work with an attorney who knows you as a person and not just as a file. We make ourselves available when it is convenient for you and we will work for justice on your behalf.
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