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Knoxville Discrimination Attorneys

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace still exist — on a much larger scale than many people realize. If you have been harassed in any way or are concerned that you have been discriminated against based on your race, skin color, religion, sex, nationality, age or disability, you should consult with an experienced and dedicated Knoxville discrimination lawyer immediately.

Abusive and intolerant behavior in the workplace must be dealt with for several reasons. It is unlawful, it punishes and reduces equal opportunities, and if it is not addressed, harassment and discrimination will continue to cause people to suffer unnecessarily.

Our law firm separately represents plaintiffs’ and defendants’ rights in middle and eastern Tennessee with compassion and understanding. We help victims seek remedies, compensation, punitive damages and injunctive relief when necessary. We also work to ensure that others are not subjected to hostility or mistreatment in the future.

Our lawyers provide those accused of harassment or discrimination similar legal representation. If accusations cause damages, losses or issues at work, you may also be able to seek compensation. We represent individuals and companies in need of defense in such legal matters. Our experienced attorneys will familiarize themselves with your situation, and our team can provide you with unique insight as plaintiff or defense counsel.

Discover Your Legal Options in a Difficult Situation Confidentially

Physical, emotional and sexual harassment, and discrimination are against the law. We can help you understand appropriate legal remedies and safeguard your rights in a confidential consultation.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects applicants and employees against discrimination based on race, skin color, religion, sex or national origin. If you have been discriminated against based on age or disability, your claim might be covered by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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