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If you have questions about family legal issues such as divorce, annulment, adoption, or modifying a child support order, our attorneys can help. We have represented clients in complex divorce cases as well as in uncontested divorce, and we bring compassion and understanding to what we do.

The extent in which family law impacts people’s everyday lives can be somewhat surprising until you face a legal issue that directly affects you. For example, a blended family where the parents bring in children from previous relationships can face complicated issues such as child custody, relocation issues and, in the case where one of the partners is still in the divorce process, issues like property division and child support may still be in play.

At the Gasper Law Group, we can handle family law related issues from the beginning of a relationship through its dissolution for all family members – mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children. Our experience and knowledge works towards finding the best resolution for your family situation.

Because we are one of the top firms in El Paso County, Colorado, families have depended on us for a number of years to resolve their issue. And since we are located near some of the busiest military posts in the country, we have served clients from all walks of life, including current military servicemembers and their families. Unique situations in a military divorce such as jurisdiction and a military service member’s pension, among other circumstances, make the dissolution of the relationship more complex.

In family law cases, there are protections in place for service members who are otherwise indisposed and cannot attend court proceedings due to deployment or other requirements of the job. As such, our attorneys have flexible availability to accommodate your needs and can facilitate the process of appearing in court via telephone, allowing the servicemember to continue providing for their family while resolving the family’s legal issue.

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