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Oklahoma’s capital, Oklahoma City, is the largest city in the state, and the 27th largest city in the United States.

Oklahoma City was originally settled in April of 1889, when thousands of homesteaders descended on the area known as the “Unassigned Lands” after the Civil War. The city has grown significantly since, and today measures more than 621 square miles in size.

One of the country’s larger cities by population, Oklahoma City is home to an estimated 616, 400 people.

Situated along Interstate 35, Oklahoma City is one of the principal travel corridors into Texas and Mexico. The city is also located in a region known for its tornado activity, with nine strong tornadoes striking the city since weather records have been kept.

The state of Oklahoma has historically been home to several Native American tribes. Many tribes still live throughout the region, and sometimes require legal representation regarding Native American law.

Native American Law in Oklahoma City

Native American law, or Indian law as it is sometimes known, is multi-faceted, and members of tribes often require legal assistance specific to their culture. Despite the region’s rich Native American history, there are few attorneys who understand anything about Native American law, with even fewer having any sort of experience or expertise in practicing this type of law.

While there are many aspects of Native American law, some common matters that arise include those related to:

  • Federal-tribal relationship
  • State-tribal relationship
  • Intra-tribal relationship
  • Issues that implicate the tribe, the United States or any state the individual resides in and/or are located

Native American law also covers disputes between Indians and non-Indians, or between two individual Indians. Additionally, sometimes issues arise between an Indian and a corporation or business. Casinos, which are often corporations, are sometimes run by tribes entirely or partially, can sometimes be at the center of a dispute, and these relationships and dynamics can be increasingly complex.

In Oklahoma City, our business attorneys specialize in the many areas of Native American law. If you are involved in an Indian law case, and require additional expertise and support, then enlisting the help of our qualified legal counsel can make all the difference.

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