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When Litigation Matters, Call the Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team

Experience really does matter. When you have a dispute with a business partner over the management of your company, or find yourself in litigation over the terms of a contract, lease or other business legal matter, you need advice and representation from an attorney who has dealt with your legal problem before, and dealt with it successfully. You need the Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team. Firm founder Andrew Schwartz has nearly 30 years of legal experience, with his entire legal career focused on litigation, particularly in the areas of contract enforcement and interpretation. Along with his associates, Andrew Schwartz and the Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team serve clients in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties in South Florida with high quality legal representation tailored to meet their individual goals. Contact our Boca Raton business law & real estate attorneys today.

Business Transactions & Litigation – The Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team handles the full range of business legal matters, from entity formation and incorporation to business succession or dissolution, and everything in between. When conflicts arise, our skilled courtroom litigators handle breach of contract and business tort disputes with tenacity and finesse. Our lawyers are well-versed in mediation, arbitration and other alternative forms of dispute resolution; we seek to resolve your matter efficiently and effectively, while always focused on your needs, goals and most favored outcome.

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation – There is a saying that every piece of real estate is unique, and when you have gone to the trouble of finding that perfect piece of property, only to have something go wrong before the deal can close, you understand the heartache that comes with losing that unique asset. The attorneys at the Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team are with you every step of the way to facilitate a successful transaction while looking after your rights and interests at every turn. When disputes do arise, rest assured that our experienced litigators are ready to provide knowledgeable and skilled representation for the best possible outcome.

Outside General Counsel Services – In recognition of the need of many business clients to have access to legal advice and assistance on a regular yet affordable basis, the firm developed its General Counsel program. We serve as the company’s registered corporate agent and help with the myriad legal questions and concerns which arise in the course of doing business. Business clients are relieved to find an answer to their legal needs in a business-structured framework that makes sense and helps them thrive.

Partnership Disputes & Corporate Dissolution – Business relationships can sour for any number of reasons, including disagreements over the direction of the company; arguments regarding the respective contributions of the partners, officers or managing members; or an erosion of confidence among partners or directors. Besides being business associates, partners are quite often family members or friends, and the future of valuable personal relationships are at stake along with the business itself. The Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team works to resolve disputes amicably and effectively, often leaving the partnership stronger than before. Where the relationship cannot be salvaged, we provide strong, effective representation and assistance throughout the dissolution process to help our clients wind up operations smoothly and efficiently.

Temporary and Permanent Injunctions – The Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team is particularly adept in the process of obtaining early or emergency injunctions in pre-suit hearings, where necessary to protect the client’s vital business interests. Our firm excels in this complicated facet of litigation, which is an area of law that quite frankly few lawyers or litigators are very familiar with.

When you find yourself in the midst of a business dispute with a great deal at stake, don’t take any chances. Hire a law firm with decades of experience handling business and real estate legal matters for clients throughout south Florida, and helping them protect their interests and achieve their goals. Experience really does matter. Call the Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team today, our Boca Raton business and real estate attorneys can help.

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