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A native of Kennebunk, and current resident of Yarmouth, Maine, I have been representing consumers in bankruptcies and litigation since before the bankruptcy laws changed. I have represented over 1, 500 clients in the bankruptcy process, having worked at the largest consumer bankruptcy firm in Maine for several years, followed by another major consumer firm in Auburn, before starting my own practice in Portland about 6 years ago. I am one of very few attorneys in Maine recognized by Bud Hibbs as a consumer advocate. In addition to helping individuals and small businesses through the Chapter 7 process or Chapter 12 or 13 reorganization, I represent debtors in prosecuting bankruptcy creditors who violate the laws and represent consumers in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Unfair Trade Practices Act litigation, both defending against lawsuits initiated by debt collectors, and prosecuting those cases. I also offer non-bankruptcy alternatives, including debt settlement. There are many debt consolidation companies taking advantage of consumers. I offer a local service with legal representation from a qualified attorney. For more information, please consult my website,

My firm opened on April 1, 2009, and is located at the convenient location of 75 Pearl Street in downtown Portland, just off the Franklin Arterial. From this central location, I hope to be able to help clients from Kittery up to the Bangor area. I also have the benefit of being just a five minute walk to the Bankruptcy Court house and a two minute walk from the District and Superior Courts.Example casesIn re Curtis (1st Circuit BAP 2007) drafted, argued and won summary judgment appeal alleging that credit report notations may violate the bankruptcy discharge injunction. In re Pratt (1st Circuit 2005) drafted appellate brief for case that established that passive collection techniques, like refusing to accept surrender of a vehicle, violate the bankruptcy automatic stay.

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