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McConnell Law provides legal representation for divorces, military divorces, child custody, child support, modifications, and child protection cases. The details of each case vary, so having an attorney who pays attention to your case is important. Unlike firms that approach every custody case, or every divorce the same, McConnell Law takes the time to get to know your needs and how best to meet them.

Divorce is never easy, but McConnell Law will help you through the process. Divorce will impact your finances, your children, your emotional wellbeing, and you want an attorney with the understanding to help you through this troubling time and look out for your wellbeing. Because divorce is both a legal and emotional process, divorce can be confusing and it is important to get help from an Idaho divorce attorney who knows what must happen for your needs to be met.

Every divorce is different and faces unique challenges. If you have community property, it will need to be divided equitably. If you have separate property, it will need to be distinguished from the community property. Sometimes the division of property is quick, but other times it can be the sticking point in a complicated divorce. If you have children, custody issues and support will need to be worked out. Idaho focuses on the best interest of the child in determining custody matters, and follows the Child Support Guidelines.

How much will it cost?
McConnell Law understands that Divorce is already a difficult process without adding expensive legal fees to your worries. McConnell Law offers easy payment plans customized to your case and ability to pay. You will find McConnell Law more flexible than other firms when financing your divorce, without having to sacrifice quality legal representation. Call today for your free consultation.

Whether determining custody matters in a divorce, or enforcing or modifying a current order for child support or child custody, McConnell Law can assist you.

Child Custody
In a divorce, custody is awarded based on the best interests of the child. McConnell Law will make sure the court has an accurate picture of your child’s best interests. The court will consider the wishes of the child, the wishes of each parent, the relationship of the child with each parent and his or her siblings, the child's adjustment to home, school, and community, the need to promote continuity in the child's life, the relative parental fitness of each parent, and any evidence of domestic violence. The court may consider other factors as well. The court will award both legal custody and physical custody according the best interest of the child.

Child Support
Child support is closely related to child custody, and the non-custodial parent is still responsible for supporting their child. The amount either party pays is determined by the Child Support Guidelines. It is not determined by the gender of either parent. McConnell Law will help you calculate the amount of child support that you or your spouse may pay.

If you currently have an order for child custody or child support that no longer fits your family’s needs, McConnell Law can help you modify the order. Modifications require a substantial and material change in circumstances, which McConnell Law can help you identify. Call McConnell Law today for your free consultation and see if a modification is right for you and your children.

If both parties are agreeable to a divorce but want help negotiating a settlement, McConnell Law can help you negotiate a settlement plan. You can then use that plan to file for divorce on your own, known as filing “pro-se” or with the help of another attorney of your choosing. This can dramatically reduce the overall cost of your divorce and potentially make the divorce process quicker. For more information, call McConnell Law today

McConnell Law will guide you through the difficulties of a divorce when one or both spouses are in the military. Several aspects of divorce are different in a military family, and a knowledgeable and understanding lawyer can help you through the differences.

Money and Kids
The most difficult aspects of divorce –dividing money and children, are even more pronounced in a military family. Frequently, the military lifestyle requires families to relocate, so one spouse may be unemployed or underemployed, increasing the need for spousal support.

Similarly, child custody and visitation can be complicated by relocations and deployments, placing a larger burden of child care on the non-military parent. Often times, a divorce can mean that the spouse and kids must find off-post housing. All of these present unique financial situations for military families.

Pension and the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act
Service members who retire after at least 20 years of active service receive a retirement pension for the rest of their lives. Under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, this pension is treated as marital property and can be divided in a divorce. Knowing the actual value of a pension can be critical as well.

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