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Tulsa family lawIt’s a simple fact that few people seek out a Tulsa family law practitioner until discord has strained family ties to the breaking point. Difficulties that tear apart marital bonds can arise from a variety of circumstances, but the legal process of untying the ties that bind doesn’t have to be confrontational. The old adage that it takes two to tangle doesn’t always prove true in divorce, but there are steps a person can take to reduce conflict during the dissolution of a marriage. A Tulsa family law attorney can often be your best ally when you want to end conflict by ending a marriage.

The ideas of collaborative divorce and mediated divorce have received a lot of attention lately. A few Tulsa family law practitioners offer now offer these seemingly novel approaches in divorce and family law proceedings. While such processes are finally being studied and taught, at their core, they’re not all that new. Some Tulsa family law attorneys have long tried to work with opposing council and all parties involved in divorce proceedings to reach mutually agreeable outcomes.

Even when both sides in a Tulsa family court case at first don’t agree on what they want, an understanding of what the law allows will often bring opposing sides to the table where an agreement can be worked out without a trial or adversarial proceeding. In other cases, irreconcilable differences spill over into the family court hearings. In such cases, a Tulsa family law attorney can represent your interests in court. In fact, the reason society embraces the rule of law is to provide a normal, civil venue to resolve conflicts that otherwise can’t be settled amicably.

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Tulsa Family Law: Going Beyond Divorce

The Tulsa family law practice at Divorce of Tulsa Law Office focuses on divorce proceedings, but our expertise qualifies us to provide a broad range of family law services. When divorced spouse’s circumstances change significantly, child support or child custody orders may need to be reviewed and sometimes modified. We assist clients when they need to know if recent changes are enough to ask an Oklahoma court to modify support or custody orders.

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