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Brick Business Law, PA: Tampa Business Lawyer

Brick Business Law, P.A. opened as a response to the market need for resolution-oriented small business legal representation in and around the Tampa Bay area. Tampa business lawyer Kevin Brick recognized that small-businesses need economical and practical legal assistance to avoid and minimize exposure to business-related legal problems and, when necessary, to litigate and resolve business-related legal disputes. For this reason, Brick Business Law focuses its practice on two areas of service: Business Counseling and Business Litigation.

Often the most cost-effective approach to legal issues is to minimize and avoid them by using knowledgeable business counsel before any problem arises. Brick Business Law’s Legal Counseling practice assists businesses to help them identify areas of risk exposure regarding potential future legal issues. We provide advice and guidance on corporate governance, business planning, contract drafting and formation, research and advice on legal questions and representation in pre-litigation dispute resolution. Typical issues of consultation involve business formation and structure, employment and other business contracts, intra-business officers-directors-shareholders issues, negotiating and structuring the purchase and sale of businesses, making demands from others for payment or performance and other related legal issues.

Even with the best planning and guidance, businesses often need to pursue others or defend themselves in litigation. Brick Business Law’s Business Litigation practice focuses on leveraging its courtroom litigation experience, thorough legal research capabilities, and proven strategic case planning methods to consistently obtain successful results for its clients. We believe that, for any case to be successful, the case must be prepared for trial from day one. This strategic approach should guide all decisions and actions in the case. We formulate, research and confer with our clients on our case litigation strategy throughout the representation so that we can ensure we are working together to meet our clients’ litigation goals. Typical business litigation issues involve contract disputes, breaches of fiduciary duty, defamation, business fraud, defense of consumer and employment claims, shareholder and member derivative lawsuits, business property theft, non-compete issues, interference with business and contractual relationships, and claims under the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act, among others.

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