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Lender Liability Lawsuits – Mortgage Litigation – Bank Fraud

Our Miami banking litigation attorneys assist clients with banking and financial services law. We offer clients informed advocacy and sound business judgment. Major American and foreign banks, trust companies, insurance companies, and investment dealers have made use of our skills and experience to advance their interests. To learn how we can assist you or your company with any type of banking litigation, contact a Miami banking attorney at Charlip Law Group, LC. Our principal litigation attorney, has been representing banks since 1981. David H. Charlip has represented banking clients in matters such as mortgage foreclosures, lender liability lawsuits, and retail banking litigation. He has been heavily involved in retail banking litigation, assisting clients with issues involving bad checks, collections, safe deposit box law problems, money laundering, check fraud, and fraud involving other monetary instruments. He has used his knowledge and experience in a number of high profile banking cases, including those involving Great Western Financial Corporation (later Washington Mutual). Our law firm draws on his litigation experience in the banking and finance area to represent clients in all types of banking and finance litigation.

At Charlip Law Group, LC our attorneys will represent your matters with the full consideration and respect you deserve. Miami banking litigation attorneys at our firm bring many years of training and experience to the practice of law. Our multi-lingual staff will deal with your issues promptly. We are conveniently located in Miami-Dade County. Our South Florida location allows us to serve our clients in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties; throughout Florida and the United States. Contact Charlip Law Group, LC at our North Miami, Florida offices toll-free at 1-888-815-1418 or 305-354-9313.

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