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Liam is everything I was hoping for when I was looking for a Contract Lawyer. He has truly laid a solid contractural foundation for my company in the midst of some internal structural changes, and I feel so much stronger and at peace knowing that all my contracts has been reviewed, drafted, and solidified by Liam's in depth knowledge and expertise of NOT ONLY the contractural nuances and intricacies BUT ALSO my industry (construction & interior design)! Amazing value for what he does, and what he has done for my company. I am a huge fan and will continue to use Liam for all of my company's future contracting needs. My only concern is that Liam will continue to get so busy and popular that he won't have time to help me! I'm kidding :) Thank you Liam!

Not sure if this is a scam of what not...called because the Yelp ad says the work with contract law. You call it asks you to press one for existing contracts and then says sorry can't help you...?? Leaves no explanation and leaves you wondering if there is even a company? Really weird

Thank you soo much for making new customers contracts for me. I really appreciate your help.

Liam Roth is one of the best lawyers I've ever worked with. He's done invaluable contract work for my corporation. Liam is very smart, detailed and strategic - his wise advice has successfully protected us in all our business negotiations. He's a rock star attorney. And a great person. I highly recommend him.

Liam recently helped me with an employment agreement. The experience was substantially better than I could ever have anticipated. Liam was very thoughtful and knowledgeable which gives me confidence that my agreement suits my needs. My company was recently acquired by a much larger company where efforts are duplicated. I'm confident that the work I did initially will keep my family safe for the term of the agreement.

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